11/05 Update


Added the "recent news" page, which is a syndication of articles from several major BTC sites that also has some basic NLP information attached to it.

In progress: More types of charts (based on hashrate and profitiability, charts that take user input). Coin details update. Social account integration.

10/22 Update


Added more data to the Coins page. Added a detailed view of each coin (click the logo). The data and charts generated from it are about 90% automated at this point, everything is regenerated each night.

In progress: trending articles page(s). More types of charts. Social account integration. Minor chart usability tweaks.

10/8 Update


Added a coin listing page. Added a "development" page where stats based on a coin's Github repository activity are plotted.

Coming soon: more detailed development charts. Links to coin homepage, ANN threads, and exchanges on the coin listing page. Sortable coin listing page. Exportable data/visualizations. A news section with links to trending articles.

Coinfo.me Launch (beta)


Coinfo.me is now live. The site is not complete, but it is coming together. This site will grow as new charts are designed and generated through the use of automated scripts. The data will grow as well. Coin details, links to important community pages/news articles, and more data are currently being added. Open/close, volume, and moving average lines are first on the list of things to be added to charts. UI/UX features like dark themes, alerts & messages, and profile options will come later. So don't forget to create a free account now for access to all of the site's features!

Since this site is so early in development, users who subscribe now will be grandfathered in to any "premium" features or content that are added in the future.

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