What is Coinfo.me?

Coinfo.me was created to be a central hub of cryptocurrency data: by utilizing a number of APIs and transforming the data into meaningful graphs, newcomers and investors can quickly make informed decisions. Why visit 5 sites to get your information when you can get it through one?

Unique Views

Utilizing a flexible framework on the backend, Coinfo provides graphs that allow the user to investigate trends in a different way. Is a coin really gaining recognition? How many people are talking about it on facebook and reddit? That's nice, but are the developers active? When was the codebase last updated? How many lines were added? Data is gathered on all of these indicators and more.

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Curated News Laced with Data

Summaries of recent articles with sentiment analysis performed on the article text. Know right away whether the article is objective, fear-mongering, or overly-optimistic. A document with a valency rating of 0.025 - 0.075 (positive or negative) is within the normal range, and documents with a rating of .10 or higher tend to be one sided, or only appeal to emotion.

Hutto, C.J. & Gilbert, E.E. (2014). VADER: A Parsimonious Rule-based Model for Sentiment Analysis of Social Media Text. Eighth International Conference on Weblogs and Social Media (ICWSM-14). Ann Arbor, MI, June 2014.

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Data Sources

Data is pulled from multiple data aggeregators. These aggregators use weighted averages over hundreds of exchanges, resulting in data that closely resembles a coin's true value. The data automatically updates each night.

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